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Improve Search Engine Rankings

Increasing internet traffic and sales can be challenging, often costing money to outsource the work to some overseas company or person. Learn why free organic internet marketing techniques, is the best way to gain more clients and sales. Before spending money or monthly payments, check a few things yourself.

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Review your website SEO

Start with the basics, like image alt text, metadata, load speed, and even mobile friendliness. It’s surprising how often basic information can effect your search engine ranking position. outlines their metadata rules, and Moz posted a guide to SEO Meta Tags, to learn about website metadata.

Write blog posts with titles your customers might search. Include links to other websites, along with linking to other pages of even your own website that might explain or have more information. Avoiding duplicate content can be tough, lazy content writers can copy and paste parts of another story into their content writing. can scan your content for duplicate content, even if parts are only copied.

Using https with a SSL certificate does help improve search engine rankings on a website. It’s said to only be a minor factor, but in search engine optimization every bit counts. Read this blog post from – How does an SSL certificate affect search engine rankings?

Make sure you have a sitemap.xml on your website, and make sure it is submitted to Google. Check your links to ensure your not linking to a down or broken website, or even a 404 on your website.

Free tools to check your website SEO

Make sure you have added your website to to receive feedback right from Google. Check your backlinks and see what websites are linking to you with,, and Like many things in SEO, focus on quality over quantity.

When it comes to content on your website, attempt for around 2,000 words with a keyword density of 2% with your keyword. Try to scan your content for any mistakes.

Watch this video to learn about 10 simple ways, to increase your search engine rankings.

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