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Best ways to obtain backlinks to improve search engine ranking

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Building backlinks for your website can help rank your website and pages on the first page of Google and other search engines. Over the years this has become common knowledge, however exactly how to obtain these magical things called backlinks to help search engine rank positions has not. Most people think you just simply find and SEO company or service to purchase them. At first this would work, and over the years search engines have became aware of this, and started looking at the quantity, relevance, and even having negative impacts for people using “personal blog networks” or “PBN” to cheat the system.

In the past Brisk Advertising spent a lot of time and money building a huge network of our own websites to create a exclusive PBN for our clients. In the past few years, we have moved away from and even let those websites become redundant; due to the impact of them becoming less and less powerful in search engine rankings. This article from Search Engine Roundtable, explains in 2017 Google started targeting personal blog networks and giving them negative SEO impacts for using them.

Google Kills PBN

The most focus is on Google more than any other search engines, but the fact is over 70% of internet searches are made, using Google alone. Save yourself the money and time, and avoid building or investing in a PBN. This is why you will want to avoid large amounts of backlinks in website SEO packages, as they are most likely a PBN. Google has even made it easy for people and even competitors to report webspam as they call it, referring to even personal blog networks.

Buying Backlinks from SEO companies

Selling backlinks has become a multi billion dollar industry, this has made the process full of companies and services focused on quantity and not quality. With packages and claims to deliver over 100,000 or even 1,000,000 backlinks for low prices. All the buyers and people who know anything about backlinks, see this as a to good to be true claim. Plus most webmasters and marketing individuals know the golden phrase to search engine optimisation, quality over quantity.

Buying backlinks has become known as a black-hat method, but honestly that’s just not true. Like any potential buyer, do your research before you go buying backlink services or packages. It’s easy to end up being fooled by false claims, or even pretty websites and great sales pitches. First things first, ask where these backlinks will come from. Most cases they should simply provide a url list, or examples of the website backlinks they are selling. If not, then you know they are trying to hide something. The video below will help you better understand how to buy high quality backlinks to help your website rankings on search engines.

Review the website URLS or examples they provide. Check things like domain authority, page rank, and simply what the websites look like. Avoid backlink services that charge monthly, and even packages to an extent. Some packages are possible to be decent, just know its rare for any backlink service or company to have control or access to hundreds or even thousands or quality websites. We suggest packages of 100 backlinks or less, but the best ones will be 10 or less. In most cases, you will pay about $500 USD for a single high quality backlink, so use that as a metric when judging any backlink packages.

In most paid backlink cases, you want to search out sellers or companies that sell a single backlink at a time. This helps you control and review exactly what you are buying, and avoid any fluff backlinks or time wasted checking mid to low level links.

When providing anchor text, try to be diverse about this. It would be very bad, if all your backlinks or even a large amount said the same anchor text phrase. Having a wide range of anchor text backlinks is a good thing, such as: View Website, Read More, (Your Website URL or Title) and more.

We have one last tip; when buying backlinks for your website avoid site wide links on website sidebars and footers. Google will almost always see them as spam, and some backlink resellers use this trick to make one website with thousands of pages results in thousands of links. But 99% of the pages are low quality and possibly the worst spam you could ever receive a link from.

Contacting websites directly for backlinks

Asking or even buying backlinks directly from the website has become to be the more accepted way to get paid backlinks. Many people simply email the website contact email, or even in some cases they may offer guests posts or reference links for sale in future blogs.

Sending emails to request a backlink can take forever and even end up being ignored or rejected. To save you time, most webmasters suggest making a generic email that explains your intentions in a possible backlink. Once you have this made, you can use the email as a template to adjust for other emails to other websites. This is known as a feeler email, and once they reply, you can go into more detail if they are open to the idea. There are even some services and tools that help find and do this on a large scale. Just try to be smart about this and avoid getting your email known for spam, as it can cause issues for you in the future for emailing. This video might help explain how you can best write outreach emails to webmasters and website editors or owners.

Before you write the content or blog post for you website, try to ensure your content is a very detailed page that explains all aspects of the information. Think of it as the only information your visitors will need on the topic, with every aspect relating to the topic. Then when you contact websites, you can say you have created even more detailed content.

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